10 Questions To Ask When Uncertain if Someone You Love Has An Alcohol Abuse Addiction

Published: 27th July 2010
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Do you really know what is an alcoholic? Where is the line between regular drinking and alcoholism, between alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse addiction? We find people saying that only the person drinking can decide whether he/she has an alcoholic addiction, while at the same time we find others who have learned the definite signs indicating when someone has a drinking problem that goes beyond heavy drinking.

It is possible that they are an alcoholic if they continuously drink more than what they intended or wanted to, if they tend to get into trouble when drinking, or if they experience memory lost after drinking. If they want to control their drinking but can't, then alcoholism is a strong possibility.

Here is a quick test to see if that someone you know may have crossed the line and now has an alcohol abuse addiction.

1. Have they ever made decision to stop drinking for maybe a week or so, but couldn't do it for more then few short days?

2. Do they become highly sensitive, dismissive or aggressive to any discussions about how much they are drinking and what it is doing to them?

3. Do they sometimes genuinely seem to want to stop drinking but just can't stop?

4. In the past year, have they had personal or work problems connected to their drinking?

5. Were there days when they were unfit to go to work or school due to drinking? Or have they even been fired from their job because of it?

6. Have they missed any important events because of their drinking?

7. Do they need a drink to get started in the morning? Do they need one to stop shaking?

8. Are you aware of times when they had been drinking for hours, or days, which they cannot remember?

9. When they drink, do they do things that are greatly out of character? Does their personality change?

10. Does drinking, or the opportunity of drinking, at home or anywhere else, totally outweigh other priorities (such as friends, family, work or activities)?

If your answer is YES to four or more of these signs of alcoholism, then that person you know may be in deep trouble with his/her drinking and may have an alcohol abuse addiction.

There is no clear agreement on what causes alcohol abuse addiction, but there are effective solutions to beat this problem.

Do you need help to cope with the effects of someone else's alcoholic addiction? Is the drinking of your partner, parent, child or friend worrying you?

If someone's drinking is causing you problems, or you have issues with an individual who drinks, then you will need to find out:

' how to correctly deal with an alcoholic;

' how to correctly recognize the signs of alcoholism;

' the NUMBER ONE thing an alcoholic MUST DO if he/she is to change his/her destructive lifestyle;

' the things you can and cannot do to help;

' the exact action steps you need to take;

' the key conflicts created by alcoholism so you can reveal the answers you need for your own peace of mind.

Learn how to respond when being with someone with an alcohol abuse addiction. Reduce future stress; arm yourself with the necessary tools to educate yourself about alcoholism. Discover how you can live happier life with the ones you love, free from the stress and suffering of their alcohol abuse addiction.


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