Hemorrhoid PPH Treatment – Top 3 FAQ’s

Published: 13th August 2010
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Hemorrhoid pph treatment is a surgical procedure. In general most people are scared of having a surgical procedure perform on them and want to find as much information as they can in advance. These are the top three questions that everyone wants answers to.

Is hemorrhoid pph treatment painful?

The answer to this question is reasonably simple. It seems to me that there is an equal chance to experience heavy pain as well as have a relevantly painless recovery. Patients' experiences can be categorized in three groups.

The first group of patients refer to their recovery period as the most excruciating and painful experience they have ever had. I have read about some people being in so much pain that they actually thought they will die, while others have physically passed out while trying to pass the stools during the first few bowel movements after the procedure.

The second group of people have mentioned a fairly strong but bearable with the aid of painkillers recovery which lasted for up to 10 days.

The last group is the group of the lucky ones. They experience medium to rather low pain. Some had even had just a simple discomfort which lasted only for the first few days after the treatment.

The recovery after a hemorrhoid pph treatment along with the difficulty and level of complications vary significantly between individuals making it very unpredictable.

Will I lose Bowel Movement control?

Although not very common, it does occur. My understanding is that it really depends on the level of irritation the anal muscles have suffered during the surgery. It is a factor of the skill and experience of the surgeon performing the treatment. However, the good news is it is not much of a problem as it can be easily dealt with by using pads and other lining materials. It normally lasts for only couple of days but it can have a persistent leak of stool for a week or two.

Is hemorrhoid pph treatment worth it?

Once they have recovered, the majority of people who decided to have the hemorrhoid pph treatment are confident that it is 100% worth the struggle. Those who had very low or no pain at all after the surgery have no doubt that it was probably the best option they could take. I also have to mention that even the people who had an extremely painful recovery, looking back few years later, are convinced that despite the recovery complications if they had to do it again they will not think twice and do it right away.

Despite hemorrhoid pph treatment being a beneficial procedure, people still ask themselves if they could have done something else instead of the surgery. Many sufferers are wondering if there is a painless natural method for curing hemorrhoids. Since this disease dates back 4000 years, there are some old and newly discovered remedies.

I have come across number of proven natural remedies that provide more holistic and painless methods that cure hemorrhoids. You can even do it from the comfort and privacy of your own home avoiding any embarrassment and humiliation having to go to doctors, numerous examinations and asking people to take care of you for the first few days after the surgery.

Although, hemorrhoid pph treatment is a highly successful procedure it can be avoided and be considered as being the absolutely last resource.


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