Living With An Alcoholic Wife - How To Keep Your Sanity

Published: 05th August 2010
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Do you struggle to keep your sanity while you are living with an alcoholic wife? There is no way you can make her stop drinking. In case you didn't hear it, here is the big one again:

You cannot force her to stop drinking.

However, what you can do when you’re living with an alcoholic is to manage your own reactions and behaviours. The number one thing is to ensure that your wife accepts responsibility for her alcohol abuse addiction and she experiences all the consequences of her drinking. What does this look like?

When you're living with an alcoholic wife, you may feel obliged to make excuses for her drinking and the problem situations she gets herself into. Maybe she asked you to lie for her to help her get out of a mess. Perhaps you have called her boss to let him know that she was sick when in reality she was hung-over... or she was still drunk.

That is how you enable her alcoholic abuse addiction.

A common trap when you’re living with an alcoholic wife is that you believe your role is to support her and be there for her even when she’s on her alcoholic abuse addiction rollercoaster. This only makes the situation, and your life deteriorate even further.

That’s especially true if you are living with an alcoholic who resorts to violence and abuse – emotional, mental, psychological or physical. If you are, then get yourself out of there urgently. Nothing will change – the violence and abuse will continue until she receives correct treatment and help, and has been sober for a proper period of time.

It requires tough love to break the cycle when you’re living with an alcoholic. This means that you must ensure that your wife bears the full consequences of her alcoholic addiction. She must begin to experience the damage that her drinking is causing and she has to take responsibility for it.

Nagging, cajoling, manipulating her to attend rehab for alcohol seldom works. Those with alcohol abuse addiction are never ready to receive help and change their life until they hit rock bottom. So stop lying and covering up for your alcoholic wife. If she gets herself into a jam, she must get herself out of it. When you apply tough love, she may get to rock bottom a lot quicker (and be ready to receive help) than if you keep enabling her alcoholic addiction. This can be the difference that saves her life and your marriage.

While there is no quick fix for what to do when you’re living with an alcoholic wife, there are definite things you should NOT do. And there are things you should do to be more effective in dealing with your wife’s alcoholic abuse.

It’s a common mistake to try and manage the alcoholic addiction instead of getting informed and taking a stand against the addiction. From where you are now, it may seem unlikely – but it is the most empowering and loving thing to do when you’re living with an alcoholic wife.


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