Living With An Alcoholic Wife Your Life Can Still Be Easier

Published: 19th July 2010
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Living with an alcoholic wife may feel like you are married to two different people. When she hasn't been drinking, your wife is that sweet, loving lady you fell in love with. She's the most wonderful and kind girl you've ever met. However, as soon as she starts drinking and gets on this alcohol abuse addiction roller-coaster, she becomes an aggressive, vindictive alcohol intoxicated person who draws out an intense wave of hate, anxiety and frustration in you.

She becomes adamant that she's completely right about any ridiculous idea that crosses her mind, however crazy it seems. You try your best to diffuse the situation but it's hard not to get drawn into an argument. It's frustrating for you when trying to have a rational conversation with her but at the same time ignoring her rants drives her into an insane screaming rage.

This alcohol abuse addiction is destroying your marriage and living with an alcoholic wife is tearing you apart.

From time to time you question yourself if you're going insane when she swears that she has not been drinking, and yet you can clearly smell the alcohol in her breath. You're uncomfortable and worried when you wish to invite guests to your own home in case your wife is already drunk. You no longer organize social nights in case she drinks too much. She refuses to consider rehab for alcohol.

Life is a struggle, full of frustration, shame, suffering and you desperately want a change. Your love for her does not let you leave her. You know that you are her only chance to give up drinking. You simply desire the alcohol abuse addiction to come to an end.

You're not alone. It's normal for spouses to feel isolated and alone. Men living with an alcoholic wife feel confused, frustrated, angry and ashamed ' stuck with nowhere to turn and no one to share with or support them.

What can you do to make your life more enjoyable while living with an alcoholic wife?

' Do not try to make her stop drinking. The more you complain and nag at your wife to stop drinking, the harder it becomes for her to stop her alcohol abuse. Remember, it is human nature to automatically resist and wanting to do the opposite. Begin taking care of yourself and your well-being.

' Stop engaging with the alcoholic. When she's been drinking and starts up arguments, simply walk away, close the door behind you and leave the house. Strenghten your own mental health first.

' When she's been drinking and she's on the alcohol abuse addiction roller-coaster, treat her like a stranger. Love and support the woman you married, not the disease.

' Stop encouraging the alcoholic addiction. Absolutely No special attention or care while she's drinking. This means that you do not give her access to alcohol even if she begs you to. Do not let her drive. Do not help her to bed. Do not talk to her or argue with her. Just leave the house. Stop encouraging her drinking.

' When your wife is sober, be extra loving and supportive. Give your wife plenty of special attention and tell her how much you love her, but not her drinking. Make her aware that you will not interact with her when she's drinking. She must know all the horrible and hurtful things she does to you and others when she's drunk.

The first thing you need to do if you really want to help your wife overcome her alcoholic addiction is to work on yourself. Look after your physical and emotional well-being. Strengthen your mental health. There are proven resources that can provide you with support, tips and information while you are living with an alcoholic spouse. You are not alone.


Living with an alcoholic wife can be a life crashing experience. But you can do a lot about it. For more useful and valid information on how to make your life easier while living with an alcoholic wife, I recommend you read this popular ebook =>

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